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PPC Management Over Time

Time span and maturity of your campaign will paint a different picture for how well exact/phrase match keywords vs. broad match keywords perform. Exact and phrase matches have shown to convert better in the early stages, and are cheaper because of the high CTR. However they are often too low in volume, and you end…

WordPress Posting Tips with SEO in Mind


Once of the benefits of creating websites on WordPress is that training our clients to manage their own website is simple. No more being “held hostage” by some developer or company when you want to make minor changes to your website. Once the website is built, we believe all our clients should know how to…

What To Do When My Business Gets a Bad Review?

Businesses can and do get bad reviews. And there’s nothing you can do to prevent that occasional negative review despite your best service, care, and effort. If you’ve been on top of things, and have many positive reviews, then that negative one won’t hurt as much. As part of our services, we encourage and educate our business owner clients to be open to reviews, by creating citations for their business in various popular review directories if they aren’t already listed.


SaaS Apps vs. Traditional Software

When it comes to traditionally bought or licensed software versus software as a service (SaaS), many businesses are reevaluating the way they handle their software needs, and are leaning towards SaaS apps. SaaS apps are often highly niched, and simple web applications that are purchased at a low cost. In comparison, the total cost of ownership of traditional software must account for the initial purchase price of the license, then also for updates, IT support, training, and development. Software that includes more applications bring more value to the software itself, but still require IT and upgrades. It’s now increasingly apparent that the price of software is a small portion of the total cost of ownership.


What are Long Tail Keywords


Long tail keywords are multi-phrase search queries. An example of a long tail keyword would be ‘Where to buy Half Priced Nike Shoes,’ where Nike shoes is an example of a short tail keyword. Long tail keywords are beneficial because they represent the visitors desire for specific service, product, or information.


What is the Cloud?

Definition of Cloud Computing

Most users won’t ever really need to know the definition of the Cloud but the concept in itself is fairly interesting. At a minimal level Cloud computing combines three different types of technologies, which is why the definition for the Cloud can be so confusing. A brief overview of these three technologies is as follows:


Is Facebook a Fad?

Why is Facebook relevant to my business?

Social media isn’t a fad anymore. It’s a FUNDAMENTAL shift in how we communicate. Start looking at social media as a way to draw in traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Why would you give up a free opportunity to remind people about your business or service? Facebook gets more traffic than any other social media network or tool, period. If you need more convincing, watch the first minute of this 4 minute video on Socialnomics.